About Me

Thank you for showing an interest in my work.

Aaron Parsons Photography offers a bespoke, warm and friendly service delivering dynamic imagery that is full of creativity, energy and passion. I live and breathe the world of photography and it has been part of my life since I was 16 years old, when I got my first camera.

In 2010, I graduated with my degree from the ATRiuM School of Creative & Cultural Industries – University of Glamorgan in Cardiff. Since then I have built a world around photography and enjoy capturing a wide range of subject matter, finding a blend between ocean and city life in Cornwall and London.

A Life as a Photographer in Cornwall

Growing up in Cornwall provided me with a perfect place to explore and develop my photography. It’s natural beauty, rugged coastline and stunning landscapes meant I was spoilt for choice for inspiration.

Shortly after graduating I started my own business with an open-minded approach to the kind of work I would do, not confining myself to one specific area. This took me down the route of surf photography in Newquay and kick started an amazing journey, which luckily has also taken me to Morocco, New Zealand and California on assignments.

Making a living as a Cornish Photographer was not easy at first and I soon realised I would need to expand my work further. I always enjoyed photographing people as well as the natural world and after gaining experience on commercial and lifestyle shoots, within the surf industry, I felt I was ready to capture weddings. Wedding photography in Cornwall is a wonderful thing, with beautiful countryside or coastline on every venue’s doorstep. It has become a major aspect of my work and I now shoot weddings all over the country and even overseas.

Cornwall will always be the place where my passion lies and my photography roots take me back there all the time.

Other Areas of Photography I Work In

Over the years I have developed an eclectic portfolio working in many areas within the medium. After developing my business in Cornwall I decided to move to London with the idea of broadening my portfolio with new challenges and a wider variety of subject matter.

Commercial photography was something I never imagined getting into but it was just what I needed to expand my career. I have been very lucky and now work with some amazing companies in London and Cornwall including Bodyboard Holidays, Citroën, Arsenal FC, Sharp’s Brewery and Finisterre. Food & event photography has also become a regular part of my work and has taken me on shoots to some fantastic restaurants and hotels around the UK.

In addition, I adore music photography whether an intimate gig in London or at festivals such as Glastonbury, nothing beats capturing musicians doing their thing on stage! From day one, I have pursued this area of work and have been lucky enough to capture Billy Ocean, The Levellers, Nick Mulvey, Newton Faulkner and many more.

My Photography Style

I have been described as an ’empathetic photographer’ in the sense that I stand back and capture without intruding. In my spare time I simply photograph things that catch my eye, but photographing the Cornish coastline and it’s dramatic storms each winter will never grow old.

I would describe myself as a fine art photographer who specialises in recording scenes and interactions in an organic manner. I work digitally using Nikon equipment but have also began exploring film photography, something I haven’t done since university. I am always seeking new projects and inspiration and feel that photography is something you can always develop and work at.

I excel in noticing the little details and capturing scenes, people and moments in unique and powerful ways.

My Photography Ambition

I am a passionate person who has, when possible, used photography as a tool for change. I don’t want photography to just be a means to an end. I care a great deal about our planet and have curated climate change exhibitions, volunteered for local wildlife charities and working for the Green Party of England & Wales focused my efforts on raising awareness for causes through art.

I have won some fantastic photography competitions and must find time to enter more. I am proud to have had work featured across some well-regarded media publications within the national press, as well as some wonderful magazines including National Geographic. I was also recently shortlisted at the 2018 UK Wedding Awards in the ‘Best Wedding Photographer’ category – wish me luck!

I want to keep sharing my work throughout the online world but want to put more effort into sharing ideas and work in the three dimensional world, collaborating with artists and organisations, printing and exhibiting work where possible.

If you have any ideas you want to share or questions about my services please don’t hesitate to get in touch.